Library, positives and negatives, and what to avoid 2018

Library design, positives and negatives, and what to avoid.

There’s a lot of people love to read books, especially when they read inside a library.

Library can affect, either in positive or negative way.

How does it affect in positive way?

The library gives a sense of intellectual and physical comfort, it will make you feel happy and ready (for reading and studying), it will delight the house, especially when it is well-arranged and with consistent colors.

Important tips to keep in mind when you decide to make your own library:


One of the most important tips is the lightning, as we said the library gives a sense of intellectual and physical comfort, the lightning is basic to get the sense of intellectual and physical comfort, also without good lightning it will damage the eyes, but it also depends on what you are reading, you can reduce the lightning when you are reading story it is beautiful.



Absolutely library colors will affect the house design, and also can affect the psychological comfort, the most common library colors are the bright, it is also good to make a dark library design when you are a dark design lover.



It depends on house design. But taking into consideration the place of your library has to be in a (peaceful, calm, quiet) place. The best and the most common places to make your library is next to bedrooms, beside the stair or under in some cases.



you have 2 ways to distribute the books, randomly and ordered, it depends on your personality.


How does it affect in negative way?


If the house is small designed take into consideration to make the library small. If you planned to make it big and wide then you will have to reduce the size.


What to avoid?

*Avoid dirt, don’t let the library get dirty, keep it clean it will help you psychologically.
*Avoid mess, never let your library messy, even if your books are not ordered and randomly placed, but never and never make the library messy.
*And avoid noise, try to keep your library silence and quiet, and build your library in a good places as we mentioned.


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