Interior Lighting and Reflection

Interior Lighting and Reflection

Most interior spaces are lighted by daylight, an artificial light. That is intended to be similar to daylight, or a combination – reflection – of the two.

Such white light appears as normal and makes color vision possible. A side from the eye is usually thought of as the color of objects, surfaces, and materials.

We speak of red brick, a yellow rose, or a blue automobile, without giving much thought to the characteristics of these things that makes us see their colors.

Objects become visible in light because they reflect the light that falls on them in various ways. It is that reflected light that the lens of the eye focuses on the retina to form images. That are used by the brain to generate the sensation that we call seeing.


This Picture shows the Interior-Lighting reflection


When light falls on any objects or surfaces. The way it reflects that light will vary in a number of ways.

One of those ways is that it turns the ambient white light into colored light. Which arrives at the eye, carrying with it the information that makes it possible to recognize the resulting color sensation.

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