Interior Design : Lighting Tips And Thoughts 2018

Interior Design Lighting:

Lighting of the most important things to consider about interior design is the lighting, trust me when i say the lighting can change the look of your design by more than %25.

Lighting Types:

1_ Strong, Glow Lighting: The Strong lights can give garish style to your rooms, but in this type better not to use it in the bedrooms, the best way to use this type of lighting is in the living room, studying or working rooms, this type gives optimism feeling.

2_ Peaceful, Quiet Lighting: This is the right type for romantic quiet and calming, the best place for low lighting is the bedroom, interior swimming pool, sometimes in the bathroom.

***Better to have the both types in your house for better results, and better looking design!


How To Spread The Lighting Over:

Spreading the lights over the room is very important point, it might be different for every design and the size of your room, for the living room you will have to spread the lights all over, and focus the lights on the floor so it reverse the lights back, also focus on the armchairs and room furniture.

For the bedroom when we said you need low, quiet lighting, you also need a professional spreading, you can have a beautiful low lights on the bed sides, also a nice medium lighting for the mirror.

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