Bathroom interior designing, white or black?

White or black bathroom interior design?


Let’s talk about the white design first.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the white design?



The white colour on bathroom is for relaxing, when you ever enter the bathroom and it’s white you will feel cheerful,
you will feel comfortable in it, i don’t know if it’s a scientific fact but it’s absolutely true.

2_looking at mirror!

Well this is a really beautiful fact about looking at the mirror on a white designed bathroom. When you look at your self in the mirror it makes you feel happier and grateful about your self.

3_Feeling rich!

Yea 😎 😎 😎 , in some cases you will feel rich in it, especially when it is good designed bathroom, the white colour is a sign of richness, the good white designed bathroom is a luxurious in all meaning.


1_Getting dirty!

Number one and the first disadvantage is the white colour is easy to notice the dirt in it, for example the hair, the fallen hair can be noticed very easy especially when the hair is black or and dark hair colour, actually it’s not only about the hair, any dark thing will be easy noticed there.

2_Well for me no more disadvantages :D!


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the black design?



Black bathroom, a good designed one or no it is always awesome, but when we talk about a black bathroom and especially a good designed one here we talk about a majestic bathroom.

2_Feeling rich!

Well we said that the white color makes you feel rich but, it doesn’t mean that the black not, no and no, the black color makes you feel rich in some cases when it is good designed one just like the white, especially when the first advantage of the black color is Majestically.

3_Always clean!

As we mentioned on the white bathroom that it’s easy to notice the dirt in it especially when the dirt is dark, well here it is not very noticeable, also when you enter the bathroom you will feel it clean for a long time.


Absolutely YES!, the dark colour indicates to privacy in many ways.


1_Nothing from me, GO FOR IT!

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