3D Floor Murals, Bring Glamor To Your House 2018

3D Floor Murals or ( 3D Self Leveling Floor ).

Floor Murals, did you ever felt fed up from your house, and you are bored from your house decor?, this way was invented years ago, and past 2 years it got wide spread between the houses in all around the world, it is very effective method of changing the style, and also a glamor bringer way, it can spread the happiness inside your house, 3D flooring can give you the feeling of buying a new house.


Bringing The Outside > Inside!

Ever Gone to high mountains, ever wanted your house to be at the top of the mountain, or you loved to have a house in the deep in the ocean?, trust me this way will give you a similar view, you will be amazed.

How Does This Work, And How They Make It?

By mixing chemicals and disseminating these chemicals on high quality poster and then glued on the floor and waiting until it’s get dry, and by the way these chemicals are environmentally friendly.

There’s 3 ways of adding this:

  1. It comes with too many pieces, around 50.
  2. Two pieces, every piece about 50 meter.
  3. One piece, this one comes with around 100 meter.

Where Can This Be Added, In What Part Of The House?


Yes, you can add this 3d way anywhere you like, floor, the walls, even the roof, as we mentioned up about the feelings, a new house has been added!

The Advantages Of Getting 3D House:

  • Easy To Be Added: This way with it’s chemicals are easy to be added to floors, if the floor is Ceramic, Tiles, even i your floor is Cement!.
  • Easy To Be Fixed: So if this 3D got damaged, or got shatter it can be fixed by adding the same chemicals to it.
  • One piece:  When looking at it you will find it 1 piece this means no breaks in the floor.
  • Easy To Be Cleaned: You can clean it with only water, you don’t need any polishing chemicals, it’s already polished.
  • Strength / durability: This material is powerful, even if it’s hot in your counter, it can bear temperature 75+, resistant to friction, anti-water leakage, electrical insulation, anti-bacteria, anti-dust.

Here’s Some Of This Beautiful 3D Work:

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